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                        Watsons are delighted to be the first in Scotlamd to offer Thule roof tents. 
Available to order now
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Get off the ground: Keep high and dry in any weather as Thule Tepui canvases are waterproof. Also, rooftop tents keep you safe from animals, track less dirt in, and allow you to enjoy the enhanced view that camping above-ground gives you.

Quick and easy setup: With a rooftop tent, setting up camp is as easy as finding an epic location, putting it in park, and deploying your tent. With folding and pop-up options available, you’ll be set up and ready to enjoy the view in minutes.

Stay comfortable: With built-in memory-foam mattresses, a guaranteed flat surface to sleep on, plenty of ventilation, and places to stash your gear, rooftop tents mean a comfortable night’s sleep no matter where your adventure takes you.

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